What do you think of this first date? is this worth it?

I'm not the best judge... so all of your opinions are greatly appreciated :) thank you.

On Friday, he took me out to dinner at a very nice restaurant and had planned out activities for the night. At the start of the night, I was impressed with him. He had made great efforts with the planning and making it on time to our rendezvous spot (he got into work early so that he could leave early, make the drive over to my city through over an hour of rush hour traffic, and meet me just as I got off work). Unfortunately, I can't be sure if it was just me, at some point during the date, I started to think that he was coming across as being very confident, but suspiciously so... he wasn't being "cocky", but I couldn't help feeling that he seemed to be too comfortable saying certain things/compliments that are sweet yet also could apply to another girl, if it wasn't me... and he didn't really have any qualms with just leaning in and kissing me towards the end of the night.

Maybe he's just a smooth guy, but I am hesitant to give him more credit because of this fact: we had already had sex a week ago prior to this first date. So I guess I'm cautious Because I don't really know what his game is here... I was pleasantly surprised that he looked me up and asked to go out on this date, but I can't be sure what he wants now. Something else? Or just wants more of the physical?

At this point, I do like him, but If it's just more of the physical, I'm not so interested. Which do you think it is?

We did not do anything physical after the date, and we also haven't been in contact with each other since that night either. I don't feel like it is expected of me to say something... but is this a wrong assumption?
thanks again for your answers! he just made the first contact again, just before I was about to hit send on my own text to him hahah. he does seem okay for the moment.. I guess we'll see :)


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  • He already had sex with you, so if he was the player type he would have probably moved on to another girl. He did his very best to create a very pleasant evening, so that shows he does take you as more than a physical object.

    And seeing as you already slept together, that's why he has no trouble being confident and kissing you, he knows he can have you.

    So I suggest keep dating him.

    • hm so let's go with me hoping he'll even ask to hang out again. would it have been a bad move of me not to have contacted him yet ever since that night? I didn't do it because I didn't feel any urges to, and I haven't heard from him either. would you say, given his supposed mindset, that it was a turn off, or maybe it changed his mind about wanting to keep it going?

    • I would take the girl not contacting me as a very bad sign.

    • still salvageable though? regardless, I was going to send a casual greeting hoping he had a good weekend and to say thanks and that it was great to see him. it will be 2 days late... but in my frame of mind right now this is what I'm comfortable with. is that okay?

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  • I thought girls like confident men? You should give him the benefit of the doubt, unless he screws it up.

  • Well it's early to really to tell but if you already had sex and that's all he wanted then why would he take you out on a very well planned date? It's sounds like he wants to date you but only time will tell.


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  • I think you should give him another shot. Sounds like he was trying pretty hard. If it turns out he's just in it for more sex, then you can move on. You'll have gotten a pretty awesome date out of it, and he'll have gotten nothing. No harm done. You're in control ;)

    • @update: oh, well I guess you're not expected to contact him. If I were you, I'd probably wait for him to suggest another date. Wouldn't go out of my way for him.

    • haha okay. and thank you for your answer ;)