How to kiss my boyfriend?

we have been dating for 1 month and 7 days. I have kissed him 3 times, once was cause his friends made us do it, and the other 2 times were cause my friend made us do it. he is super shy around me, he is really quiet unless he is with his friends. we only get to talk for about 20 minutes during lunch at school, and 5 minutes after school. he is one grade below me but we go to the same school. I think he is afraid to hangout with me alone, because I have asked him a few times but he has been busy. I'm his first girlfriend so I totally understand that he is shy. I wanna do something cute like go up to him, take his hands in mine, look into his eyes and kiss him or something like that, but I want more cute ideas for me to make the first move.


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  • one thing I did with a girlfriend of mine who was shy might work. At a natural break in the conversation, say: "Hang on, close your eyes for a minute?" and when he does, kiss him.

    hope it works


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