Should I call him tomorrow or wait for him to call next?

My long distance love had a horrible weekend. His dog was run over yesterday. He loved that dog! He sent me a text message saying that he had been really sick the night before and his dog was run over in the morning. He said he just wished the weekend was over.

I'm not really good at this stuff. I sent him a sympathetic text message back and said I'd be here for him if he needs me. I hear that guys don't like to talk about stuff that's bothering them, etc. So should I just let things lie until he calls me or would that be insensitive of me? Should I call him tomorrow or just give him a couple of days until he feels like talking again? I don't want to be insensitive and either one sounds to me like I could be being insensitive to his feelings.

If it was me, I'd like the guy to call me, but I'm not a guy. So what are your thoughts? Do I send him a text just to let him know I'm thinking about him tommorrow, call him, or wait (give him space)?

What would you want your long distance love to do?

  • Text you and ask you how you are doing (the next day).
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  • Call you. (next day)
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  • I'll call you when I'm ready to talk. Damn, girl, I told you I wanted to forget this weekend!
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  • Wait a few days and call if you haven't heard from him.
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  • Something else (please use comments if I haven't thought of something)
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Sheesh don't just view guys...please vote. I need to figure this out before tommorrow night. :-)
I forgot to say that the dog is dead.


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  • I have some experience with LDR and in my case I would definitely want the girl to talk to me. That's what LDRs are for. Communication and understanding are 1000x more important in LDR. In regular relationships you could show your sensitivity just by mere presence. Even if you hadn't talked he would have known that you care. That's why if you don't bother a guy in regular relationship and just spend a little more time with him it's alright. But in a LDR the other one never knows what's going on in your mind. So communicating that would let him know that you are there for him. This is a basic difference between the two. It's not the same. Definitely do send him the text. It feels so f****** awesome when the girl in LDR communicates her feelings and lets the guy know that she is there for him.

    • So you are saying another text to him tomorrow, maybe sayhing "How are you holding up?" Or should I call him. I'm afraid he might not want to talk to me, because I think he's afraid he will cry or something I don't know.

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    • Oh I never thought the dog is alive. I mean when you said that it has been run over I thought you are trying to say it's already dead - otherwise you would have said that.

    • Ok thanks. I figured you understood.

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