Why didn't he call after getting my number?

So I went out of state for the weekend for a friends wedding and I met this guy who looked very interested in me and he even took my number... but hasn't called me or texted me? why is that?


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  • Chances are he's waiting so he doesn't seem desperate.

    • so I shud wait?

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    • Wait until this weekend, if he hasn't called then you can call him. Don't be worried to be forward.

    • Sounds good, thanks for your help :)

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  • Either he's trying not to seem desperate, or he's worried that the call will be awkward. (Did he say that he wanted to do something this week?)

    • We are both from 2 different states and we met in LA this past weekend ...

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  • He's probably doing the 3-day rule. Just go about your life and if he calls, great. If not, forget about him.

    • whats a 3 day ruleeE?

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    • There is a good scene in the movie 'swingers' about this. The guys explaining the rule also mention that they personally use a 7-day rule ;)

    • 7 days and I'd have selective amnesia.