General breakup question for everyone!

I'm curious, if you have a decent relationship with someone and you breakup on good terms (no cheating etc) and YOU break up with them ok... then you get in another relationship and this one ends and it ends pretty badly - does this cause you to go back to an ex?

why do I ask? because I found after a bad breakup I went back to an ex realizing how good I had it (he was with someone else tho) and then same thing happened to me my ex came crawling back when it didn't work out with his new girl (2 different exes)

I hope this makes sense! thank you!


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  • Have you heard the term "rebound" before?

    You may realize you had it pretty good with your ex, but it's also largely because you're hurting and vulnerable. You want something back you know is safe and comforting.


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  • i think if you have had a really strong connection with your ex, then it is natural in some circumstances to go running back. I have this same issue at the moment. me and my ex boyfriend have recently broken up, we never cheated on each other and we still contact each other and are on good terms. I know that if I were to date anyone else, that id only compare that guy to my ex because of the amazing relationship we shared. if you seperate only to come back together, I believe that's love. you won't crawl back if you still feel nothing :)