New to relationships, need help on expectations!

Hey, I'm 24 and have had a sh*t ton of meaningless relationships, and about 2 or 3 meaningful, yet short relationships. My most recent has been going on for about 2 months (which is very long for me). I have been having a hard time with her still talking and "being friends" with her ex, whom she had a very messy break-up with and wanted him back for a long time. Anyways, she says she loves me and I love her, but I still don't think she is completely over him. and when they do hang out I tend to notice she puts an effort into her make-up... am I reading into this too much? Should I expect her to NOT make an effort? I don't want to be one of those guys who expect his girl friend to put her make-up on the shelf when I'm not around (Weezer). But I would never care about trying to impress an ex when I have a girlfriend I care about... maybe girls and guys are different on that front...


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  • Well, in my opinion, you shouldn't be friends with an ex, ESPECIALLY if you are in a relationship.

    I don't know, that's just me. I know, I will be downed for with me saying that..but, oh well.

    When she is putting more effort with her make-up, if you really are noticing this, then RED means she cares about her appearance more when she is with him.

    I would tell her how uncomfortable you are about her being friends with him and with the mak-up.

    If she doesn't understand, then I would put her in your shoes. How would you

    know those things.

    Best wishes xx


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  • I agree that you should talk to her. I am not sure what I would say, maybe that you fear that she will get back with him and that you know you have no real reason to fear this, other than her having contact with him. If she wears make up often, she may want to look good in the place where they hang out, rather than look good for him. I am in contact with my ex because he wanted to be friends, but I do worry and wonder how my partner feels about this. If they had a long relationship, it may be difficult for them both to stop contact completely, even though they may both have accepted that they will never date or be in a relationship again. I would talk to her, but tred carefully. her behavior could be innocent and motiveless.

  • ooooooh boy are they different. I try very hard to impress guys I've been with. now the guys I'm thinking of, would I ever get back with them?! NOOOO WAYYAYAYY. but its... I don't know... an immature... pride thing?


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