Should I text him?

had a nite out with my frds 2weeks ago in a club. when I ordered drinks for them, this bartender came to me and gave it to me free. then that whole nite, he kept looking and smiling at me whenever I walked past the bar area, also gave me rounds of free drinks. he gave me his number when I left but I didn't call back.

i was back in the same club on new year day, he still recognized me and we chatted much more this time. he asked for my number and he texted me the next two days for meet up. but cos I replied quite late (10pm), he suggested today but he said he wasnt sure if he'd really be free. in the end, he didn't text me today.

do you think I sounds like an easy girl for replying a date at 10pm ? (cos I'm in holiday, I can go out to have a drink or sth whenever I want and I'm unaware that would make me seem like a booty call)

also is he looking for sex from me or he really want to know more about me?

i think I sound not that interested when replying, (cos I switched to iphone and not used to typing on it lol) should I text him like asking how's thing going for him? will that make me sound desperate?r

sorry for all the typos, I still suck at using phone to type..

and sorry for my english, it's not my first language.

but pls bear with it :)


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  • I think you should text him back. It doesn't sound like a booty call, just don't go out with him at 10pm suggest an earlier time. If he is a bartender I am sure he can get booty from any girl at the bar, but he took an interest in you :) so text him asking how he is..and take it from there

  • I do not think there is anything wrong with you sending an email so late at night. Just wait to see if he is going to get back to you.

    If you do meet up with him for the first time, make sure it is during the day somewhere. Then see how it goes.

    It is hard to say what he is thinking. Since he met you at night time, he knows you are out and about, so I don't think the night time texting means anything.

    Good luck