Started dating a girl and she ignores me and barely wants to hang out?

I started dating this girl a few days ago, we seemed to be doing alright, but she ignores most of my texts. The only time she replies is if she started the conversation. Also, we'll make plans to hangout the day before, and she completely blows me off and comes up with some BS excuse. What the hell is going on? If she ignores me again tomorrow, I'm breaking it off with her.


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  • lose her phone number and never initiate contact again

    • And what, wait for her to call me, or just say f*** her all together?

    • well, f*** it all together of course, you want to be with somebody that wants to be with you

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  • this begs the question (you should ask yourself)... are you dating her, or did you just go on a date with her?...

    • No, we are definitely dating\going out with each other..we haven't even gone on a date yet, every time I want to take her to a movie or out to eat, she's always 'busy'. I honestly wasn't even ready to date her, but she asked me why I hadn't made her mine I did. So, I'm wondering, why the hell would she want to date me just to ignore me? Its not like she's using me, we haven't even had sex yet.

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