Why doesn't he call me?

My boyfriend drives me nuts and confuses me. When I actually do want to call me he's busy or some excuse he can't talk. He never actually calls me unless I'm mad at him. Now I'm busy I'm graduating school and got all these events + a relative died so I haven't been paying much attention to him. Now he keeps telling me to call him call him but I kind of giving up on that can't be stuffed Because when ever I wanted to call him he's busy. And then he got upset with me Because I didn't call him but if he wanted to talk to me so bad why doesn't he just call me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Someone is in desperate need of attention I guess.

    If he would call, he wouldn't no way to say...

    that's why you have to call, so he can respond to your questions ...

    • What should I do about it?

What Girls Said 1

  • Because he doesn't REALLY want to call. He only calls to avoid you getting mad at him.