How will she react if I tried it on?

Hi, I've been flirting with my female flatmate in person but mainly by text. I've been saying to her that I want to have a bit of fun nothing too serious. She initially responded saying that she thinks I'm joking but recently said she does not think I have the bottle to do anything about it and that I won't know how she will react until I try!

What does this mean girls? Is it likely that she will respond positively or negatively if I tried it on tonight?



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  • Tell her you will pick up dinner and ask her what she is craving. You will go and pick it up. While out you grab a bite to eat, and brush your teeth afterward. You come back to the flat with her dinner. When she asks you why you didn't grab something to eat you tell her...

    I was thinking about what you said while I was out picking up your dinner and it dawned on me. If I could eat what I craved I'd want to eat your box.

    Guys can usually separate sex with feelings but women generally can't. It's also not good to do stuff with someone you live with, work with, have an activity together, etc because it usually ends badly.