Reply texts or ignore?

There's this classmate who I approached her 3 weeks ago and asked for her number. I also told her I thought she was cute and she was smiling very happily when I said that. She gave me her number without hesitation too when I asked.

So basically I've been trying to text her cos we dun get too much time alone as she's usually hanging out with her girl friends. She's also kind of a shy girl so I don't approach her after class since her friends are around. Sometimes though she takes hours to respond to my texts, like around 3 hours or even the next afternoon if I texted late at night. I understand she could be busy with studies as our exams and projects are around the corner (less than a month).

My question is, if you knew a guy likes you and wants to know you better, but you were not interested, would you continue to reply his messages to lead him on or just ignore totally? She could just totally ignore my messages and me in class as well if she wanted to, not as if it was something that difficult.

So if she were interested is there any chance she is just taking it slow to gauge what type of person I am before she opens up?


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  • I don't text back right away EVER. I just don't check my phone that often. It could be nothing. I know she's shy, but talking in person is always better than via text. Go up to her after class. I know she has friends around, but ask her to go get coffee or a drink! If she turns you down, at least you know.

  • Well maybe she's trying to act hard to get , I think you should do the same :) ..

    Cause that's what drive girl crazy .. But don't push it , Cause maybe she'll think that you don't like her :)

    • haha I don't, I reply faster than her though I do take between 30mins to and hour as well. Cos if she's taking an hour to reply me, and I reply within minutes, is this the right way to go? Appreciate advice thanks!

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    • wouldn't I come across as clingy then?

      Doesn't that make me seem needy and she may lose interest if she thinks that way.

      Or would she be happy? Honest please :)

    • I'm kind of shy just like her , So I think she would be happy if you show her that you're interested :)

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