Different types of kisses?

Till recently I had never noticed that there are people who mean another kiss than a french kiss if they say they kissed. What kinda kiss do they mean? And when do you give that kinda kiss? Just to your lover or also when you're single in clubs?


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  • Assuming you are thinking about "french kissing" as using tongue, yes there are different kinds. How do you kiss your grandmother?(I am hoping not with tongue for your sake) There are "pecks", a quick lip to lip kiss as a good bye or a hello. There is also the classic movie wedding kiss that is a lip to lip closed mouth kiss. I think I answered your question comment if you still have questions.

    • Ofcourse I don't kiss my grandmother with tongue haha, but that's not really what I mean. I heard about kissing without tongue, but not the 'peck' ones or the 'wedding ones'. It'slip tot lip with no tongue but it's not like these 1second pecks, it takes longer. But I don't really know if this is a common type of kiss and do people kiss that way in clubs too?

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  • Butterfly kisses -batting your eye lashes on the other person's skin usually on their face because it is more sensitive

    Eskimo kisses -touching your nose to their nose

    It's also on Wiki link


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