When you give a guy your number how do you prefer him to go about asking you out?

I try to keep a text conversation going just so she doesn't loose interest because I have insecurities about it. Like if I call will she even answer? How long do I wait etc.

Is texting really the way to go? or do I call next day?

Whats the best method?


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  • I'd love it if a guy would just call me and ask me out straight up.


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  • She will answer if she likes you or hav an interest in u. Call her probably the nxt day after getting her #. Don't wait tooo long else she might start jumping 2 her own conclusions (i.e.: he probably has a GF, He lost inteterest, etc) Don't keep putting it off, just call her. You can text but some girls really love when the guy take the time out 2 call her. Plus just texting can get boring after a while. She's gonna wanna know, where is this going? No dates, not even a phone call..u get the point.

  • when the same I give you my number, I want you to send a quick, it was great meeting you text. then I want you to call the next night


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