How to Follow Through on Potential Plans?

I have been e-mailing and talking on the phone (but never texting until last night)with a guy I met online. We live 4 hours apart. He was supposed to visit me earlier this month, but e-mailed me the morning of the visit to say he was sick and couldn't make it. I didn't respond. A week later he sent me a long 4 paragraph e-mail saying, among other things, that he feels a connection with me and wants another chance to visit. I then caved. He is supposed to visit either 2 or 4 weeks from now, depending on when he can get off work. The first of two possible visit dates is two weeks away. He sent me an e-mail on Saturday that said, among other things, "My boss went on vacation last week and will be back Wed but I may not hear about vacation until later. I'll let you know ASAP. Hope you are saving those dates for me :) "

I didn't respond until last night (Monday) when I sent him a text for the first time. I don't know whether he texts or not. The text just said "hello, hope you are having a nice week." It's less than 24 hours later and no response.

My questions are these - Should I respond to his e-mail, or have I responded by virtue of my little text? I was thinking of e-mailing on Thursday and asking whether he's heard anything yet as his boss is set to return Wed. If it is OK, then can I address this keeping the dates open issue? Could I say something like, I need to know about the dates because otherwise I'd like to make other plans? Thanks!

  • Make no more response - the text is it!
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  • Ok to send responsive e-mail, but don't mention visit
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  • Ok to send responsive e-mail and ask him if whether he has any news about when he can visit (open ended)
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  • Ok to send responsive e-mail and tell him I need to know whether he is to visit the first or the second possible date as I need to make other plans if he is not coming
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  • Other
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  • just make a solid date. name the date. don't be wishy washy about it

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