Do guys tend to be more truthful in drunk texts?

I'm in first year university and one of the guys in my residence has had his eye on me since day one. We text a few times a week but I raely see him, and when I do he always gives me the biggest smile. We texted for the most part of the day and I told him to message me later but he didn't so I texted him. Last night he was drunk texting me and this is how the conversation went,

Me: woww you forgot about me :(

HIm: I love ya!

Me: I'm not so sure about that lol

Him: your the cutest

Me: aww thanks, you're too kind

Him: ;)

Me: you make me laugh :p

Him: your cute

Me: why do you say that?

Him: cause I'm drunk and I think so

Im pretty sure he wouldn't be saying things like that if he was sober because we don't kno each other that well


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  • Its different for every guy. If you talk about me, I sometimes say things that I don't mean when I'm drunk. I would tell a girl that she's my boo without even meaning it at times. Whereas on the other hand, my one buddy just can't control his true feelings when he's drunk. He would text a girl and say all the thoughts he has in mind for her, which he would never say when he's sober. So I think everyone is different and acts different when they are drunk.


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