I can't resist the urge to go on dating websites like plenty of fish

ok, I don't know the best way to say this, so ill just say it

Why can't I stop doing this? its going to split us up one day...please help

i have been seeing this girl for 6 months, all the usual, wanting kids, marriage and we have not spent a night away from each other untill tonight as I had to come back to my parents from living at her parents temporary. anyway, first night apart, but I can't resist the urge to go on dating websites like plenty of fish and stuff just to message other woman in the hope they will message me back, I know in myself I would not cheat on my girlfriend, but I still can't help thinking about meeting other woman or at least chatting to them, I love my girlfriend to pieces and can't stop feeling upset and I miss her like crazy already. we do have the occasional argument, but we did live together and spend nearly all our time together.

Is this only happening to me? are there other guys/girls out there with a similar problem? is it wrong what I am doing or is it best to just message other woman and get it out of my syetem? in the hope it will stop the urge to cheat, even though I wouldn't do it.

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  • I think all guys wants to do this & NO body can stop you. You can talk to other women & do what ever you want

    But what If she did this to you?

    What if she knew? Trust is a hard thing to regain once it has been lost.

    You're feeling guilty of just thinking of cheating on her. what are you gonna feel after you cheat on her

    There will also be the guilt that you will be caring around

    Think of how beautiful she Is, how much you love her, what she means to you and what It feels like being with her ...talk to her on the phone instead maybe this thought will go away. :)

    what goes around comes around

  • Have you cheated on any of your ex.girlfriends in the past? Is that why cheating seems to be something that is constantly going through your mind? If so, you could have an addiction. If I were you I'd see a therapist and get help before this becomes out of your control. Also, this is something I would sit down and talk with her about. She might be a little mad, but if she really cares she will be supportive and try to help you through this. You know what you are doing is wrong, because you stated in your question it could possibly break you o up. This is a very deceptive act. You are flirting with others and yarn their attention. Flirting can be the beginning to even more hurtful deceptive acts. Look at yourself, and ask why? why do you crave attention from other women? What void are you trying to fill?

    • i have never cheated, I don't have the courage to do it, I would never do this, my ex cheated on me after 3 years and it hurt me a lot. maybe I do get attention from my girlfriend, maybe not enough though. I don't think speaking with her would go down very well, as she is quite sensitive and I know it would stop her trusting me thus, ending it. I guess I just want attention, but do you think its something I should conquer on my own and stop

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    • as silly as this sounds, is it better to watch adult films? as I'm not having sex on my mind after watching one. maybe that's a sub concious thing as to why I'm chatting to woman?

    • its much better because at least you are not flirting with other women.

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