I want to make it onto a relationship. How should I play this?

So, there's a guy that's been talking to me quite a bit lately. I think he's heard things from his friends, actually I'm positive he has. But so far he's just been nice and been normal, not inappropriate or anything. But I want to make it onto a relationship? I just don't want it to be a one time thing. Also, I'm not gonna hook up with him! I'm really not like that, I've hooked up with a guy or two when I was drunk, but that's it. ( also, I don't drink anymore because of that ) I'll make out with him, but that's it. He wants me to go to a party with him, how should I play this?


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  • Its clear that he just wants you for your p***y. Just tell him that you don't wanna go, or if you want to tell him that he ain't getting it if he thinks he is. Simple.

    • Or maybe I should just make it clear I won't hook up? But in a more subtle way.

    • Sure... That's a better idea. Sounds good.

  • don't play games, that's how.

    • He's the one that wants to screw me over.

    • Then don't talk to him. Its that simple.

      Don't cause more drama for your-self.

      Drama = stress and steess = wrinkles.

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