This may sound silly...When I'm in a relationship with someone I love, I become totally oblivious to other girls flirting with me.

Ok. So my girlfriend who I've been with for almost 2 years is OK with me talking to other women, so long as its strictly friendly of cours. The problem I'm having is that when I'm in a relationship with someone I love, I become totally oblivious to others flirting with me. I saw an old female acquaintance tonight on chat, she hadn't been online in forever so I said hi. A little ways into the convo she asked me what kind of motorcycle I had, and then told me she had always wanted to ask me to take her for a ride, but never did. I laughed it off, She then told me we should go snowboarding this year, but didn't say anything about my g/f. Not too sure about her now.


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  • ok, yeah, talking, chatting, having freedom and friends is great, but, don't let it get outta hand.

    girls are going to assume your available if your activily socializing with them.

    so don't go outta your way to strike up heartfelt conversations with girls or making new frriends. just keep the ones you have and be friends to other but not overly friendly.

    now this girl you chatted with...

    well, luckily it was just a chat. you have no obligation to ever talk to her again!

    so, if you think its bad news, don't chat with her anymore.

    or, tell her the truth , say, yeah snowboarding sounds great, I do have a girlfriend but I still think your a cool chick and would love to stay friends, would it be weird if we all hungout?

    go from there...


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  • yeah, if you do indeed want to pursue the snowboarding idea, make sure you mention your girlfriend and ask if it would be alright if she came along... shows that you have someone in your life and are making that clear, up front

  • If she knows you have a girlfriend, she is on the hunt to snatch you up. Its about the chase. I know when I am in a relationship that is when other men flirt more, ask me out on dates more etc. Be ware. She is conniving her way in.

    • That's what I thought. There's no way she wouldn't know I have a girlfriend. She has seen me and her driving around, I've been dating her for 2 years and she's in my profile pic. It's pretty obvious.

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