What is the best way to approach dating scene?

So I would say I am single by choice and by force. What I mean is at first I was scared of falling in love and would use my wits to get out of sticky situations. The another part is both shy and tough guys seem to be interested in me. But the shy guys are intimidate by the tough guys that talk to me. I want to know some tips for the dating scene!


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  • Well you didn't say what kinda guy you're looking for or/and like. Just date around to see what you like and don't like. You might find a guy that's good looking but does'nt have the personality you're looking for. You might find a guy not so good looking but has a great personality. Or, you might find a guy who has everything you want, there's no formula to dating, just gotta go for the one that makes you feel you belong with him.


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