Would this make me seem clingy?

Me and the guy I've been talking to really like each other a lot and we talk every day whether it's texting or online it's still every day. I haven't heard from him in almost two days and I'm a little worried. I texted him twice yesterday and sent him a message online (all 3 were hours apart from each other) and I didn't get a response to any of them. I really don't want to come off as clingy or desperate but I'm actually kinda worried about him! Do you think it would be OK to text him again or should I just wait for him to talk to me?

He works a lot too so we don't ever get to talk for very long unless it's late or on the weekends...


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  • you've reached out a few times now already, at this point I would wait until he comes around... I'm sure there's a good reason for him disappearing like that, especially if you normally text alot.

    keep us posted :)

    • Well I'm just a little worried about him but I don't want to seem annoying, but thank you for your answer! :)

    • i totally understand that, it shows that you care... :)