Am I wrong to ask my girlfriend to many questions about her day?

Currently I'm involved in a long distance relationship and lately my girlfriend has said she's been getting annoyed at me because I ask her to many questions about her day. She said I should already know the answers to these questions I ask her. Like she'll go out and then we'll talk later and she'll say her night was good but then when I start asking her questions about her night she gets annoyed because I ask to many questions. I tell her I ask her these questions because I want to know about her day and how she's doing. What should I tell her about this issue because really I just care about her and it's tough to care about someone in a long distance relationship without asking questions.


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  • I think if you're overbearing, or asking questions just for the heck of small talk. If you're genuinely curious about her day, then go for it! I also ask a lot of questions when someone is too short, and it's aggravating when they get mad. You should talk to her about it! Let her know that you're genuinely concerned that you're thinking about her feelings. Also, you don't always have to ask questions, I know after a long day, I don't always want to sit and talk. Nothing personal, just instinct

  • She either thinks you're checking up on her, and she's annoyed that you don't trust her; or she has something to hide and she's getting defensive.

    • so should I not care about what she does anymore? like we'll talk during the day too and she says our conversations have no "substance" to them. she seems to think that I ask her dumb questions because I should know the answer to them already. but I say I ask her these little questions because I care about her day and what she's doing.

    • Trying talking about something else that isn't so routine. Routines can make things feel like a chore, or scripted. Try asking, "Did anything new or exciting happen today?" But don't use the same line over and over. You could try having a new topic each day. Like a random and off the wall "what if". Its fun to pretend and it will really help you guys get closer.

    • thanks never thought of that. I think that could really help

  • Ouch. Doesn't sound like a 2 sided relationship to me. She should be just as curious how your day is


    If she's getting defensive tho, not generally a good sign

    • yeah she does and she's the one always calling me too, but she thinks the questions I ask her sometimes are dumb. it just sucks that we have to spend certain amounts of time away from each other.

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