In love with my best friend, what do I do ?

me and this guy , lets call him Cody , have been best friends for about 2 and a half years now , we constantly talk , we tell each other I love you , were very lovey dovey , were hugging like every second we see each other, and there's always been something there , but neither one of us has said anything about it to each other though. I guess we've always wanted to date but were afraid it would ruin our relationship , but I have now decided that I'm ready to take the chance cause I really want to be with him , but there's a problem , he has a girlfriend . they have been together about a month now and he likes her , but I don't really know why . she's not very pretty , she's definitely not his type , and she doesn't fit in with our huge group of friends , she's really nasty and has been around if you know what I mean , and I'm worried about him , I hate seeing them together it makes me want to just cry , I really want to tell him how I feel but I'm scared and I don't know what to say , please help .


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  • I know this situation only too well. You've become attached to your best friend. I've been in a similar situation, I tried to act on it, but afterward I realized what I did was reckless and stupid. I caused her harm and turned most of her friends against me, but in the end she came back to me and now, we're really good friends. If your friend likes another girl and she's not his type, he'll dump her within 6 months. You have to be strong, storming in will most likely turn him against you, because from what I've discerned from what you've written, he's happy. When my bestie gets a new boyfriend, I think nobodies good enough for her, but then I realize that she's happy. Don't think that you have to be miserable, there are plenty of other great guys out there, hell, your bestie will probably help you find them. I did even though it hurt for a while, but I felt better afterward. It sounds harsh, but that's the cruel reality of your situation, you had two years previous to get him, and if it hasn't happened by now, it probably never will.


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