Is she getting excited out of attraction or something else?

Well I like this girl in my youth group. I've played guitar for her before but never got a chance to play for just her. Well, I played guitar and sang for her last weekend. I got a chance to play just for her finally. I played "banana pancakes" by jack johnson cause I found out she really likes that song. (Everyone tells me I have a good voice and am good at guitar.) So, while I was playing for her, I looked up and she had that certain look to her. It was like a shy smile like kind of like when girls like someone. I'm thinking about asking her out this weekend. I don't know if she considers me just a friend though. How likely is it that she's attracted to me?


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  • Sounds like she is attracted to you.

  • well go ahead :) it sounds promising. and you just have to believe in yourself. you're a great guy, so why shouldn't she like u? you don't have to guess how likely, just try to ask her out and fine out! good luck!


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