I meet a man during my divorce which was 2 years ago.

We meet just as friends helped me through the divorce as nothing happened between us but we talked of many things and never thought anything of things or it ever being anything more than just friends. I truly thought and concluded I was not his type. But anyways we lost touch and stumbled upon one another here in September of 2011 and he expressed to me by saying "you know I love you right" I didn't know what to say except I felt like whoa,where did that came from,why now,well I thought I didn't but I do now. I have tried to discuss this with him but got no answer. We are both in our late 30's.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful.


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  • Do you love him now because he said "I love you" to you?

    If you guys love each other, why did you feel it wasn't going to work between you earlier? I think you're convincing yourself that he's the one for you because he makes you feel good. Love is more than that. I suggest that you get to know each other more and figure out if it is love, lust, admiration or anything else.

    • I began to fall in love with him not to long after we became friends maybe months but then I noticed he seemed to like women that were more physically beautiful with makeup fake nails and all that stuff so in order not to feel rejection in my heart I concluded I was not the one for him as he seemed to get edgy about certain women he knew. Whatever it was I didn't want to deal with it. I don't know if I love him as I think I convinced myself I didn't love him.

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    • Thank you

    • You are most welcomed :)

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  • hmmm...its a bit strange that you tried to discuss this with him first and got no answer. And now he suddenly comes and tells you that he loves you. I suggest you should talk to him and discuss this again as to why he didn't show any feelings before and all of a sudden he expresses his feelings to you. And also as knowmeyourself said, get to know him better...hope it works out


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