Hanging up, do you call back?

when your sig other hangs up on you do you call back?

Good... Mature people seem to share in this with me.. I NEVER call a person back that hangs up on me. .. Obviously the conversation needs a break. We need to cool off and think things through before continuing the conversation.. I happen to be with someone who thinks the exact opposite.. He FORCES the conversation to go on.. recipe for disaster!


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  • No I wouldn't.

    Why do people do that annoying sh*t?

    Like you just got off the damn phone - let the other person at least take a breath lol I'm sure nothing absolutely incredibly have to hear about it right at this very second, thing happened the 2 seconds you two got off the phone. If it did, I'm quite sure you'll be one of the first people to hear about it.

    Maybe it's just me - but if I was a guy, and my girlfriend did that, I would straight up tell her like, don't do that. That's a little annoying. Call me later on. I've done it to my best friend because she talks so much, and calls so much. We'll talk for hours - hang up, and like 5 min later she's calling again.

    I'm already not a phone person, too impersonal to me - so that just adds to the annoyance factor lol -

    But like I said that's just me. If your boyfriend is a chatty guy, or just can't figure out a way to tell you to quit calling him like a cling obsessive person - then I guess calling him over and over again until your ears bleed will suffice...

    • Oh and depending on the situation - like if you two were arguing, then I wouldn't call back till I calm down, and give him a little time to call down.

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  • It depends on WHY she hung up. In one case, a woman hung up on me, but that was understandable because I was acting unreasonable. In another case, a woman hung up on me for no good reason. I didn't call her back; when I confronted her about it in person later, she refused to apologize, so I ended it.


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  • no I usually hang up on him and he calls back... if he ever hung up on me I don't think I would call back...lol

  • if he hung up on purpose? no, probably needs time to cool off.

    if he hung up randomly? no, something might have come up.