How are you supposed to kiss on the lips? :(

how are you suppose to kiss on the lips? like how do you do it. both my boyfriend and I have never been kissed until recently and he seems really bad at it because he barely let me kiss him. it's like he just swallowed my lips. :(


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  • It sounds like he went in wide mouthed or open mouthed, and you were close mouthed.

    As ChaChing said, check out how-to-kiss videos on Youtube.

    But some basic tips... each partners lips should be open roughly the same amount. I don't think it's good to meet at the same angle, because the noses get tip to tip. Tilt your heads apart at an offset angle of something like 20 degrees.

    I find if you have the barest gap between your own lips, you're ready for whatever the kiss turns into. A chaste peck, or full on frenchie with swirling tongues. You feel it out. But you certainly don't start your first kiss by trying to lick your partners throat.

    Honestly it sounds like he should be the one seeking advice, not you.

    • i am scared to tell him.

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    • lololololololol

    • belgie's a really smart guy. :)

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  • For visual advice I'd say look it up on YouTube. But all I can say is just kiss the lips and not swallow them.

    • he did that to me. I wanted to kiss his bottom lip but I didn't get a chance.

    • Im not gonna lie I sucking the bottom lip while I kiss. And why didn't you get the chance?

    • because it's like he swallowed my mouth! my lips were inside his. :( I was like, wtf? it was so bad

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