I'm in a bit of a predicament...

i'm stuck between choosing 2 girls...

one of them is my girlfriend... I've always been loyal and I really do love her... she's really great. but there's also this other girl, who's like my best "girl friend"...

before I met my girlfriend, I asked my "friend" out

she said not now, that she had a lot of stuff and really liked me as a guy... so I waited... 2 months, and nothing. so I decided to go out with my now girlfriend (who's like obsessed with me, but in a good way haha)

just now, my friend started giving me signs that she likes me again...

i don't know whether I should stick with my girl or go with the old one... I really don't want to hurt my girlfriend but I like my friend more...


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  • okay honestly,.

    you're friend had a chance, and she lost it.

    her losss.

    you may like her more but she's just jealous because you're spending time with this other girl.

    girls LOVE what they can't have, and since she can't have you, she wants you.

    it may change later though.

    she may decide against it.

    why risk it if this girl is crazy about you and vice versa!


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  • bro don't be an ass...the other girl likes you now because girls get jealous quickly. Those who don't speak up lose out and that girl def did. Stick with your girlfriend. she's obsessed with you, what more do you want?

    The girl that said "not now"...has caused her own problems, this is not your problem. You need to stay with your girlfriend. The choice is yours, I've been through high school once...I know what goes on. Good Luck. Do the right thing.

  • wow dude, ending your relationship with your current girlfriend for a "girl-friend" would be like swallowing a grenade! think about it for a sec...people want what they can't have...now that your "taken" your "girl-friend" want you but not so much when you were single right? THAT in itself says alot. trust me my friend, the grass is NOT always greener