Have you ever left your cell phone at home on purpose?


Im pretty much just venting today. I'm having a cellphone withdrawal. I left my phone at home in order to avoid texting my boyfriend. I've been the one to initiate text messages or any type of convo with him. He says he's tired and we Haven't seen each other for the last couple of days. So in order for me to avoid seeming desperate/nagging/annoying I left my cellphone at home. have you guys ever done this? have you ever tricked yourself into doing something like this in order to avoid doing something dumb? Ayayayayaaaaayyy...I feel naked without my electronics! What is this world coming to...How did people manage to go on their day to day life without cellphones. ipods. ipads. etc...going crazy over here!


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  • Yes I've done that! I've also deleted numbers so I wouldn't have to look at their name on my phone and wouldn't want to call.

    • hahaha OMG I've done that! I've also changed their name to DONT ANSWER THIS! lol how funny!

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    • Well what I do now if I want to call or if their calling me I don't talk to them right then, then I'll talk to someone else whether it's a friend or family member. Be strong beautiful, you're right being desperate is a no no!

    • Yea I know! I need more will power!

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  • Yes, I might leave my cell phone at home, in the car, or at least turn it off for a variety of reasons. It could be anything from exercise, class, out to eat with friends (in convo with them), gone somewhere to relax or read like a garden, etc. I don't feel you need to constantly be tied into other people.


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  • Iv recently started leaving it on slient...during the day and when I sleep. That way I don't

    1. jump to answer when/if he finally does call/text me (see how he likes it lol)

    2. Won't get disappointed if I notice that my phone hasn't gone off.

    So I just leave it silent and check it every few hours

    • hahahahah I've kept mty phone on silent since my break up! that was 1 year ago...and hearing the ring tone creeps me out now...so silent mode is always on! how funny! I thought I was the only one that did that!

  • hahaha, yep, I have. for different reasons though. sometimes it feels good walking into the world just by yourself. you should enjoy it :)

  • yea when I'm stressed or days I just wanna be alone don't want distractions

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