Why do I always attract people in relationships?

Hmm... I seem to attract guys who are in r.ships :/ I'm confused! I never give off the impression of just wanting to sleep around :S but 4guys have slept with me who have had girlfriends (some I did know about, some I didn't), 1guy has kissed me who had a girlfriend, and one was willing to be dirty with me on camera... again who has a girlfriend :/

I don't understand! I want a boyfriend myself, I don't want some1 else's...


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  • You never give off that impression but yet you have slept with several guys knowing they are taken.

    Something's got to give here.

    Maybe you should stop sleeping with them when you know they are taken? The ones that you didn't know, weren't your fault, but you should ask first to at least clear your conscience.

    Maybe you flirt too much. Sometimes we give off a different impression than we think I do. I know I have been guilty of doing that.

    Maybe they think you are easy?

    Sorry, no offense, just trying to think of reasons.

    • Im not easy tho :/ and I do play hard to get when I can... :S hmmm

    • Then I guess they are just cheating a**holes, and if they were your friends or whatever took advantage because you were there.

    • Aye... that's true! x

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  • Dealing with this is just part of having nonrelatonship sex/recreational sex/casual sex.


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  • The Guys you slept with , Were you in a r.ship with them ?

    • nope, they were in r.ships with other girls! obv I've slept with guys who haven't been in r.ships with other girls like x

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    • Im not sleeping around, I'm taking about guys I've slept with over a period of time, like years! I don't mean in the past 6months or something! x

    • Aha , Please forgive me :)