Don't get this girl?

So, I don't really understand.

I was dating this girl and she already told me she misses me and likes me. So I figured we were doing okay.

We agreed to go on a date again this week, but any attempt on my side to reach her and set a date has been ignored since Saturday.

She still lives at home with her parents and things aren't going very smooth atm. But I haven't heard a SINGLE thing from her, not even something like: I can't make it this week, or I'm not interested in dating anymore... but she also hasn't removed me from MSN / Facebook or something like that.

We were doing good... I just don't get this. And what should I do? Ignore it and just wait for her to say something (we go to the same school, we're on a break this week but starting again next week). Or should I just move on? I really like her and before this, I thought we had potential as a couple.


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  • DO her parents allow her to date because if not.. maybe they won't let her communicate with you?

    • I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with her parents, and they do allow her to date haha.

    • haha alright. I was just curious about that. hehe :) .. I guess the only thing you can do is ask her personally what's up, then. She's the only one who can tell you and I hope that everything will be fine. You deserve an answer. No one should be left hanging.

    • Haha, well. I just hope nothing bad happened:)

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