Growing out of the bad boy syndrome?!!!

So, I liked a guy who flirted with me, A Lot. I haven't said I like him like that, but I've hinted it and I think he get's the picture. I think he might not feel the same for me, yes he likes me, but he doesn't answer me when I mail him, I understand that he's a bit shy because he's separated (yes), but I'm on my side here, so wtf?! And, there's more. There's this Other guy, that I like a lot, and he likes me a lot too, he has shown that he likes me many times. I ┬┤was already into the first guy though before I met number 2, so I felt like "loyal" to him, even though we weren't even dating, so I hinted that to guy number 2, but he still cares for me. He was obviously hurt, and that hurt me, but I couldn't just quit my feelings, I wasn't "ready". But now I hang out with guy number 2 all the time, but just as friends, and I feel sometimes that guy number one, even though I like him, acts like a jerk towards me. So, I have grown fond of guy number 2, but can't quite let go of number 1, because I really like parts of him (that are parts of his personality, if I may). There are things I dislike about both of them, but none are things that are tie-breakers at all, it's not like a competition, it's rather extreme confusion! On top of that, guy number 2 has started to date other girls, and that's fine, I turned him down, but it kind of hurts so I guess I got what I deserved, but I wonder if I'm suffering from the BBS or not?! hat do you think?! Any answers are much appreciated!


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  • Cut through all this BS and ask guy #1 out on a date.


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