When a guy says he can't talk/open up to you because you make him nervous? how can you change that?

I've tried everything I can think of for two months to no avail.

*Opening up first

*Talking about my own secrets/dreams/everything

*Acting fallible

*Trying to look less attractive (I know that's a weird one...)

Even just talking to him about his nervousness. I asked him why he is like that and the only reason he said is that he thinks I'm too pretty. I tried to explain that I'm not special and I'm fallible and human but nothing worked.

I know three facts.

1. He is not two timing me.

2. He was attracted enough to want to ask me out in the first place and continues to do so.

3. Way earlier in the year he got out of a long term relationship (3yr) that undoubtedly hurt him which most likely killed his trust.

I'm a very easy going chick and pretty down to earth. I don't yell, nag, or boss him in any way. I haven't done anything to make him doubt me. I just don't feel like I have all the answers on this. How can I set his mind at ease and get him to feel comfortable around me?


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  • as general rule men do not share their emotions and feelings as openly as women do but sometime can be a little timid about sharing emotions because society has dictated that they should be strong abd hide any hurt feelings or strong emotions...so if I were you I wouldn't push it or try to chance at any any minute he can feel his "manhood" threaten

  • I would try not to chance after it. If its something that you need to know then you have to either wait until his comfortable to talk about it or almost trick him into it. You have to make him comfortable and make it seem like its his idea to tell you. If its something you don't need to know I would just wait until he is comfortable.


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