Should I text back first again?

So I went on a blind date with this guy a week ago and it was so fun! By the end of the date he asked for my number and he texted me right after the date... He said he had tons of fun. Three days later he hadn't text me again so I text him saying that I had a lot of fun and couldn't figure out why he hasn't texted back yet (In a joking way) and he called me but I didn't catch it in time so he left a message that just said that he has been hanging out with a friend a lot just because his friend is feeling a bit down so that's why he hasn't been texting me, but he also said that I have been on his mind and he was still planning on texting me! Now, two days later, he hasn't texted me... should I text him again? and what should I say? cause I really want to go on a second date!


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  • Ah, that's tough.

    Well, I would text him once more. If he doesn't text you first after that, don't text him again.

    His, uh, 'friend' could be more than a friend, you never know.

    • Haha his friend is a guy... he told me more of a story to it but it's kinda hard to explain.

      but thanks :)