Talking to a girl you like whos a friend??

Ive had a huge crush on a friend of mine for years now but I have trouble having a meaningful conversation and really talking about anything besides stuff she brings up or me teasing her.

I mean I really didn't have that much of a problem talking before I developed my feelings for her but it was mostly me being an a**hole and that isn't what I want to be.

so what do you guys and girls think I should do to improve my situation and I mean real advice not just the usual just trying talking to her about anything or etc, I need some help to converse with her and try to bring her closer.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I had the same problem with this guy I really liked too. The thing is, I couldn't be myself around him because he made me nervous and it seems like you're in the same boat! My REAL advice to you "the truth shall set you free", when I was able to just be honest with him about how I felt, it was like a burden lifted off of my shoulders and I was then able to be myself around him because it wasn't a secret anymore!

    Now that I answered yours pllsss answer my question I posted :) thanks


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  • Tell her now! Otherwise every moment you spend with her will feel like a lie to you. Bring something up that you both are interested in. But rather sooner than later, tell her how you really feel.