Love life just sucks?

I'm really baffled by this phenomenon. I have this horrible pattern in which every guy I date loses interest within two dates into it or just a few weeks. Its a consecutive pattern I can't seem to break. I have tried analyzing each situation differently and trying diff things each time and also checking out dating tips here and there and nothing seems to work. I feel like its SO complicated to get into a relationship these days because everyone I know only wants to hook up with me, just got out of a long relationship, or loses interest. I don't have a job right now and it makes me really insecure when I get criticized for it as if I have no direction in life. I feel like everyone's expectation is way too high, to get into a relationship. any help?

yes I do go to school


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  • If you are going to school, then you are doing something with your life. If you are unemployed and don't go to school, you really aren't doing anything with your life and judgement will be passed. If you want to keep the guy interested try to act interested but not too interested. There is a grey area you need to stay in between being a stalker and being completely uninterested. Also, if you don't hear back from the guy within at least a full day after the date, feel free to start the conversation back up, but don't press the issue.


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