Why hasn't he texted me and what do I do now!!!!?

I've been talking to this guy at my college and we texted a little last weekend. And since then, we talked more at school during the week. Then, on Wednesday, we got out of class early and we were just sitting there talking and he asked me if I wanted to go get food since we had so much time. So, we went to get food and he wouldn't let me pay. Then, when we were driving back to school he said "that was a nice lunch date." When we got back to school he went in to talk to his friend and I came in a few minutes later and his friend goes, "did you go on a date with this guy?" Before I could say anything, the guy I went with goes, "yeah." And I just smiled. While we were sitting there talking the guy I went with told me I needed to come party with him this weekend and wanted to know if I'd be free. So, I was assuming he thought the date went well.

We went to our last class after that and when class was over I do like I always do and leave class before anyone. I didn't wait for the guy or anything, but I walked to my car really slowly trying to see if he was going to say anything to me. I sat in my car for a few minutes and he still hadn't come out so I left. I didn't want to wait for him because I didn't want to seem clingy.

I'm afraid I really screwed up now because I didn't text him or anything after that, so finally Thursday night, I texted him at like 9:00 something about what we'd talked about several days ago. It's kind of an inside joke. And now it's 9:00 am and I still haven't gotten a reply.

I'm afraid I was rude by leaving without saying goodbye, but I never say goodbye and neither does he, so I didn't want him to think I was clinging onto him already. And I'm afraid I was rude to not text him and thank him or something. Should I have done that? I was waiting for him to text me, but now I'm not sure I should have waited so long.

I probably would have said goodbye to him after school that day but I was so nervous because he caught me off guard when he bought me lunch and called it a date. I'm okay with it, just really nervous and it was obvious by the way I acted on the date. I had a million blond moments. And I kept pointing them out. But, he told me after the date that he wanted to take me to a party with him this weekend and he told his friend about it so I figured he still liked me.

I'm so nervous I'm never going to get anything back from him. I know he was working a late shift last night and he doesn't wake up til noon when he does that. But, I've texted him at work before and he always answers. I feel like such an idiot. Someone please tell me what I did wrong and what I need to do now!


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. You're both busy and he nderstands that. You'll hear from him shortlyl


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