Flirty responses?

I've been texting this guy I met and we're talking about Halloween costumes, I said I was gonna dress up as amy winehouse for Halloween but can't now because I'm sick, he then jokingly said if he could borrow my costume for Halloween, I said I'd like to see him rocking the beehive.

He then texted back saying

" I don't think I quite have amy's cleavage but with a good bra who knows? "

What will I reply to this - I need something flirty yet witty! - not too slutty of a response though!


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  • Tell him "Pfft, you've already got bigger t*ts than me. Go for it."


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  • Lolz umz maybe something like this..

    haha I'm pretty sure we could find something that will work for ya ;P

  • 'spoken like a true cross-dresser :p'

    is that too mean? lolol

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