Going to a wedding with a friend?

Is it okay to go to a wedding with a friend even though I have a boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I are long distance. I have a very close friend whose girlfriend is also out-of-state. We were involved about a year ago but were never serious. We all are well aware of my feelings for my current boyfriend. I love him a lot and want to be with him more than anything. My close friend invited me to a wedding of someone he works with. His girlfriend is out-of-state and has no one else really to go with. We get along well so he figured it'd be okay to bring me along.

It's not a date unless you agree it's a date, right? It's completely okay to bring someone to a wedding that is just a friend, right?

I haven't told my boyfriend but he knows nothing is going on between us. Do you think he'll be okay with this?


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  • if the understanding is, it's just as friends, nothing else. Then sure why not? We're all adults.


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