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I know a lot of guys notice me, I get stared at a lot, and being a self conscious person, I hate it, and maybe I give off that vibe. I don't know. When I approach some of these guys, they're really happy to talk to me, but they won't talk to me first. I just have to keep initiating everything and I'm tired of it. Why won't guys come to me first, could it be how I carry myself? They'll just stare and I'm clueless when it comes to whether or not it's a good or bad thing.


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  • Well there checking you out. Id say I check out 60 % of the girls my age. Most girls are attractive! but doenst mean I'm going to bo approach 60% of the girls I see hahaha. I've maybe approached 5 or 6 girls in my life and they were all at clubs when I was liqoured good.


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  • that means that you are very attractive and most guys get caught up when they talk to a pretty girl, and they are checking you out lol so its good.. Tis a curse to be beautiful lol

    • What if a particular guy is constantly checking me out and is practically beaming when we are having a conversation and he knows I'm not that scary but he still doesn't approach me? And he's not the only guy that does it. I should have said in the question.. Its not just random guys checking me out, I'm OK with that. I'm confused about why they go on staring & not initating conversation when they have talked to me before. Can a guy STILL get caught up?

    • Well you because he just doesn't want to sound stupid and just in awe of the fact an attractive girl is hitting on him. And on those days have you dressed in a low cut shirt? that can be it if you have a nice cleavage

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  • Smile more try to appear more friendly and guys will feel more comfortable approaching you.

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