How can I stop texting him, so he wonders why I'm not?

i don't know if that question makes since to you but, I really like this guy and when he texts me I feel like I'm his slave and always replies back. I don't ever text him first,ever. but I feel like if I stop giving him my attention he will notice me more. yeah I know this is lame but its kind of important to me.

he has completely stop texting me now. and I feel miserable. I feel like karma bit me in the ass because I wrote this. f*** my life.


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  • You could try taking longer to respond instead of responding immediately.

    • he has no reason to have randomly stopped texting you, you could start texting him back first too you know.

    • thats the problem, I have never texted him first. cause I feel like I'm desperate or if I text him what if he doesn't reply. I would feel like sh*t. I barely ever text anyone first unless I need something. I saw him on Friday at the football game. he always comes up to me and hugs me and talks to me. then when he leaves he tells me he will text me. I haven't heard anything from him since them. what am I supposed to do when I see him at school. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care about him not talking me

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  • If you have to pull away to get a guy to notice you, he isn't that into you in the first place. Just don't text him one day and see if he texts you.

    It doesn't make you a slave to reply back to his texts- it makes you polite.

    • hes not interested period. When someone is interested in you, it isn't this hard to get them to date you. In a real, grown up, mature relationship, its not this hard.