Writing a letter to boyfriend?

What are some of the sweetest things you can say your boyfriend? I like writing letters to my boyfriend who is out of town. Even though I talk to him a lot over the phone and its a lot easier to text. I love sending him letters out of the blue saying sweet things. I was just wondering, what were some sweet little sayings to tell someone to make them feel happy or just put a smile on their face.


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  • Honestly, just say nice things about him. That's most likely to get him to smile. People like to feel wanted and good, so praise and things make people feel good about themselves.

    Also, don't just fill your letters with impersonal things that anyone could write like "you're the sweetest" or "I miss you loads" or "you're so sexy". Instead, put in personal things - really think about what it is that you like about him and what makes you smile, and what you've done recently that you enjoyed, or memories that you have of the two of you that really make you smile.

    For example, "It was so sweet of you to buy me those flowers/take me out/hold my hand the other day. I really appreciated it. You truly are the sweetest guy I could ever dream of!"

    and "When I wake up in the morning, I really miss your warmth and presence." rather than "I miss you"

    or "I love the shape (and feel) of your body when you're topless, it's so sexy" rather than "you're sexy"

    Obviously don't use those examples, the key point is to actually talk about him and the two of you rather than using generic sweet phrases.

    Hope this helps.

    If you want any more help just comment or message me :)


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