Need advice for third date do's and don'ts?

need advice. OK going on third date with guy I've known a few weeks...first two dates went hooking up he was complete gentleman--he gave me a hug and kiss on cheek both dates...though frankly I wouldn't have minded a nice long kiss after second date lol. OK so third date we were supposed to be outside but weather is going to be bad so we decided to do dinner and movie...he asked if he could cook for me I said sure so I'm meeting at his house...feel comfortable with him to go there and it's going to be daylight out anyway...anyway I need tips ...i really like this guy any advice for me about third date? is he going to expect to hook up a lot, just kiss, something...he hasn't really made a strong move. I'm all for getting somewhat intimate but I'm not ready to sleep with him. anyway, any advice on how I could make date good one would be appreciated...thx!


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  • Try this:

    DO everything you feel like and are comfortable doing.

    DON'T do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable, cheap, unsafe or feel bad about it the next day.

    Top if all off wiht being your charming self and putting your best foot forward and he'll enjoy your company regardless of how far he'll get.


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