Did guy forget about me?

Well I've known this guy for about a month now. We Haven't really hung out, except for before class. But on Friday when class was over, he asked me what I had planned for Halloween. I told him nothing(imma lame :P) and he said that's not good. He said I should go with him to a Halloween party and I said maybe.(I had to find out where it was and stuff) and he took it as a yes which I didn't care... He said he'd call me today to let me know what was up with it...but he never did...Im like 95% sure he likes me and everything so can I just take it as he forgot? Or what?


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  • Ive had this same situation about 2 years ago, a girl asked me to go to a Halloween party she was holding at her house, she invited all my other friends too. I didn't go, mainly because I didn't have a costume, the other reason is I've never been to one before, so I wouldn't know what to do or how to act. But You never know unless you give it a shot! ;-)


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