Hanging out...Does it mean like hang out like friends, or more like a date?

Lets say, that a guy and girl likes each other. And they plan to hang out. When the guy asks to hang out. Does it mean like hang out like friends. or more like a date?


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  • Well since your not sure I'm assuming the guy is sort of shy.

    He could mean on a date for sure.

    He could also mean like just hanging out and seeing if he really likes you or not.

    He could finally mean as friends.

    But it's probably not the third, and I wouldn't put my money on the second. Although I'm shy myself and if I don't really know a girl I wouldn't say it's a date UNTIL I was sure I liked her in that way.

  • It depends. At your age, it's in between. Under 18's don't really "date". Just don't assume anything and try and have a good time, you'll get vibes if it starts to feel like something more than just friends hanging out.


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