Would you respond to ex boyfriend?

my ex boyfriend text messages me every once in a while telling me what is up with him. I normally respond back to him in a short amount of time, but if I text him, he takes days to respond. what is he doing and why and how what would you do if you were me? would you stop responding in a timely matter? I want to be back with him, by the way.


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  • Ask him why he won't respond when you text him. Communication is the key sweetie, if you don't ask him, how are we suppose to know.

    If he doesn't come up with a good answer, then I would just stop responding to him. Who does he think he is.


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  • who dumped who and how long were yall together? I may be able to hepl cause I'm kinna lie in a similr situation but I'm anitiating the nc rule right now so in two weeks time I will be make making first contact nd I hope she replies...

    • we were having problems and he ended up breaking it off in the end. we were together 6 years.

    • Trust me he still loves you ut at the same time he wants to play it cool and not be seen as desperate or needy to have you back because he the one that dumped you. Maybe he doesn't know how to go about it. Seat down and talk to him but don't let him know that you want him back because that will only fill his head up. Communication is the key

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  • Im in the exact same situation as you and would love to know the answer to this. My ex does the exact same thing that yours is doing to you and I also want mine back. I'm struggling with trying to figure out what to do. I've found that if you take a long time to reply, they begin to get desperate and start sending you more messages until you respond, but when you speak first they act like they don't care. I feel like I should start the conversation first sometimes because he often does, but then I wonder if I should because when I do he acts like he doesn't care. It sucks because you want them to care.

    But you know what, I think that how we are feeling now, is possibly the same as how they are feeling. They want to keep in contact with you so they send messages, but as soon as they see you replying they don't want to seem too desperate so they play it cool.

    • To be honest we do care but you putting him in a situation where he feels like his the only one trying. He wants to get back with you too probably then you want too but I'm the same time his playing cool and don't want to be seen as needy or desperate. Yes it's f***ing sucks no one I mean no one wants to look like that and making first contact. Y'all are hurting earchother rather be adults about the damn situation