What to wear on first date?

I'm meeting a certain guy for the first time...He is special. I really don't want to mess this up...

Ok so me and this guy met online and we are meeting up at a gaming convention with all our friends. We have been messaging a lot on the internet and we like each other a lot and are considering dating. We both enjoy playing video games. I am 18 years old and he is 24. He tells a lot of puns and jokes. I am a bit concerned about freaking him out because of how hyper I am. I'm not anoying and am not constinatly talking. I do however never get tired and like hugs and running around. I am if I do say a tiny bit a slut and a nerd. He calls himself a nerd. Please, I need advice! This is super important to me and I don't want to mess it up with him! What should I wear when I first meet him? Is there anything not to say? Thanks!

Extra Info:


5 feet 3 inches

100 pounds (im pretty small for my age :P)


6 feet 2 inches

190 pounds


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