Indicators of interest?

Girls, do you usually reply to a cute guy's text very quickly to show that you are interested in him, whereas if that is a guy you don't like you will wait till a day before replying?

Do you use that as a hint that you may like that cute guy?

Say for example, the cute guy and that other guy both text you a question, and you answer "Yes :)" to that cute guy very quickly but also "Yes :)" to that other guy at the end of the day only. So even if the texts are same the time lag between the two is a hint that you are interested or not?

Thanks :P


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  • yes I always nd up doing that to a guy who is just my friend and a guy I like I would rather talk to the guy I like then someone else


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  • not a chick but can maybe help you here, I have read that girls respond quickly (unless otherwise incapacitated) to guys they have interest in. The reason being is they want to keep talking to as if it was a conversation.

    the other guy gets an answer to be polite but it takes a lot longer. The reason for taking longer in my view is because they don't want to keep the conversation going. Kind of like talking to a person you don't like you would be like 'yeah' and leave/ ignore them.

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