All right, ladies. How many times does a guy call back before giving up after getting those digits?

Mind, you, this question is based on the notion that the girl is interested, and not that she just gave out her number to be "nice."


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  • I would say call twice. If you call once and she doesn't answer, she might be playing hard to get, but you should leave a message or something saying it's you and tel her to call you back. And then if she doesn't call back you can call a second time maybe a few days later... and if she doesn't answer again leave one last message. But after 2 times it's definitely her turn to call you back. That's just my opinion. 2 is good... more than that is kinda desperate. Hope I helped :)

  • I agree with the other response, I would try twice. Once with a voicemail, and then I would wait a week. If the girl is interested, she'll find time to call back within that week. The second call a week later, don't bother leaving a voicemail. If she doesn't pick up, don't bother. She changed her mind, isn't looking, or is interested in someone else.

    I meet plenty of guys when I'm out, and usually give wrong numbers. The very, very fews times I'll give out my right number, I still sometimes change my mind and ignore their texts or calls. If you leave me a voicemail, and I don't call you back within in the next two days, I'm not interested. It sounds cruel, and it is. At least that's just for me. I'll admit I'm a little jaded. You meet enough men at the bars and you have to be a little turned off by most men.


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