Do I always have to be the one that calls?

So I like this girl and pretty sure she likes me, but the problem is that she is long distance. I knew her previously then had a fling a few weeks before her move, stayed in touch over the last 3 months and when I recently visited her the attraction was still there. She has been very focused and busy the last couple of weeks since I visited on an exam that is extremely important. She took the test last week and finds out this week, very big deal for her. Its the 3rd time she's had to take it, not passing the previous 2. So I think she's in a funk right now, not knowing what her future will be. Well I sent her a care package the week before her exam, she called to tell me she loved everything in it and to thank me. I called her the next night and talked. Then texted a little the next day. Then last week I called Sunday, no answer and didn't get a call back till Tuesday night. She said she was asleep when I called Sunday and was very busy studying Monday. I know she was so its no big deal. I called Wednesday to see how the exam went, we talk for about 20 min. She seems very unsure of herself, and I know she's stressing the exam results. Other than a very brief text exchange about a football game on Saturday, I haven't talked to her since Wednesday evening. I'm struggling with waiting on her or reaching out to her. I don't know what the best thing is to do. I know she's stressed but I don't want to make excuses for her. I'm sure I'll hear from her Wednesday when she gets her exam results either pass or fail. The last 2 times she has contacted me seemingly wanting me to console her. I just don't know if waiting for that is the right thing to do. I want to talk to her but I feel I'm the only one establishing contact right now. She responds, but I'd prefer her to call me so I know she's thinking of me and not just being reactionary. I know some people think guys should always be the one that calls but when I had my flight booked to visit her she contacted me almost everyday leading up to the visit, so I know she has it in her to do it. Part of me thinks in her state of mind, she probably doesn't feel like reaching out to anyone so if I don't call I'm not going to hear from her till Wednesday.

I just don't know what the right move here is. Do I call and talk to her but put myself in the position where I'm establishing the contact or just wait it out till Wednesday when I'm pretty sure she'll contact me with her exam results? I just don't want that week worth of time of no talking be a negative for our relationship.

  • Do I just wait until I hear from her? Definitely by Wednesday of this week when she gets her results.
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  • Do I call her tonight or Monday so she knows I'm thinking of her?
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  • Cause women are weak or selfish or something that keeps em from being the ones to initiate. And no, don't call until Wednesday of the week or such. Apparently studies show women are more interested in guys who don't show an interest. It's freaking stupid. But women are illogical creatures -_q

  • If you're having a hard time, maybe she isn't the one. Continuing this relationship will only get worse

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