Can you have a secret crush and be in a relationship?

I have been with my amazing boyfriend for a year now but I think I have a crush on a friend of mine. The other guy is like a girl friend ya know. I can talk to him about anything, sex, my relationship, my family and just life. I don't know if its just nice to have someone to vent to or if its a crush? I don't feel bad about it and I think if my boyfriend had a friend like this I would be OK with it. I trust him and myself. but should it be confusing like this?


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  • Tread very carefully. It's easy to go from innocent crush to full blown affair.

    It's OK to have a crush but since you seem to know this person very well, just be careful

    • I have never been a cheater, but I have never had a crush like this. I know I won't cheat but I don't wanna screw up what I have for a crush!

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    • I will keep that in mind. Thanks

    • No problem, good luck :)